"I come from a proud family that has been involved with politics and activism for as long as I can remember. Over two decades that I have been an extended family member of Ward 14, I have seen the changes and growth in the community. I have leadership qualities, negotiation skills, and a partnership approach that can deliver for Ward 14 residents.

"I want to work for you. I want to earn your trust by doing right by residents, as your councillor, for the right reasons. My platform is simple: to restore dignity to Ward 14 and its residents, and in Hamilton as their representative; to be their advocate in City Hall; and, be their well-reasoned voice among Councillors that’s been absent this past term. The pandemic forced us but we need to think what we want as a city. It means being proactive instead of having no choice.


"We need to create more growth for more living wage jobs, build walkable neighborhoods with closer recreation and retail businesses, and make public safety a top priority. With my professional and personal background, I know what it takes to find solutions, lead with accountability and transparency of your tax dollars, and get things done together."

Public and Roadway Safety


A partnership approach with key stakeholders will make Ward 14 a safer and walkable community as any new development responds to community need for stores, parks, and schools for foot people. 


  1. Increase bike lanes  by 30 percent and bollard-protected including Rymal and Mohawk Roads at Upper Paradise and Garth, and Scenic Drive.

  2. Examine the Chedoke Secondary Plan to improve Scenic Drive.

  3. Bridge Scenic Woods by a pedestrian crossover.

  4. Apply Vision Zero tactics from Rymal Road to Scenic Drive



The City's urban boundary allows growth and future growth through intensification and redevelopment: designed congruent to existing neighborhoods and proportionate in scale. In addition to repairing City Housing stock, I'm committed to more affordable housing units and provide the financial backing for  non-profits to build in a commercial, mixed-income model.

Second-guessing is dithering. 


  1. Increase city grants in development changes

  2. Give city commitment for federal co-investment

  3. Partnership approach for slow and deep commitment, not fast and shallow for new affordable housing.

Leadership and Trust


I take responsibility and make no excuses. While there are enormous challenges, my approach is staying focused by accomplishing for residents and creating a City Hall culture based on trust and respect, for city staff teams can take risk without being punished or penalized it's not about being nice; it's about having high standards with accountability.


  1. Rebuild trust to commit to listening and talking with residents;

  2. Work in partnership with buy-in as a trifecta: residents, city staff, and city's partners.

  3. Show residents how we invest with purpose, specifically, how your tax dollars are spent.



As more people move to Hamilton and look for more real-estate bang for their investment dollars, we will grow as our infrastructure meets growth. I am committed to attracting talent, investing in community parks and recreation, and , creating more living wage jobs in order to help the most to recover from strains associated with the pandemic.


  1. improve the industrial and commercial- to-residential tax ratio.

  2. Build walkable communities with stores, parks and recreation services to meet residents' future needs.

  3. Build and increase transit, including LRT and HSR, to adapt to foot people cross-traverse corridors on Rymal and Mohawk Roads.

  4. Improve HSR service for people to meet demands for moving around parks and schools.



Carbon emissions is man-made climate change warming the atmosphere. As new cars will be electric by 2035, provinces and cities are facing an emergency with the intensity and frequency of rain events and longer and excessive heat days, I bring leadership qualities to bring residents along for change.


  1. Increase the ward's tree canopy by 40 percent

  2. Scale nature-based solutions, such as wetlands, marshes

  3. Advocate for innovation, funding and support and our Council, provincial and federal decision-makers accountable for climate targets.



The City's jewel is the natural environment, such as the escarpment and Cootes Paradise. The "Sewergate" environmental disaster, the RHP friction paving tragedies, and more foot people walking and cycling demands a forward-thinking City Hall


  1. Building for sustainability to manage erosion

  2. Implement RHP inquiry recommendations within 12 months

  3. Increase porous paving to control stormwater infiltration and manage run-off.

  4. Advocate for innovation, funding and support and our Council, provincial and federal decision-makers accountable for higher environmental standards.